ON SITE Caretaker/Estate Manager Drayton Uxbridge
At Ringley HQ

We are looking for an experienced manager who can do people, property, logistics and is both practical to find solutions and understand the basics of how a building is built, and, professional to keep good audit trail, raise works orders, supervise on-site trades such as cleaning and gardening to get things done.  The special person we are looking for will go above and beyond and take the initiative to engage with relevant stakeholders such as crime prevention officers, the housing association reps and owners committee because they will understand that building community starts with a sense of ownership and fostering stewardship on the estate.  The right person will have balance of empathy, patience and assertiveness, be able to manage their time and not drop rhe ball.  They will take pride in knowing that the estate is a better place because of them.

Drayton Garden Village is a modern 'garden village' with greenery, space to play, wild flower garden,.shopping area and community hub built in.  

What you will be doing:
1.  Daily site inspections/walk about using our video inspection app to check there  no health and safety issues and keep the estate safe from public liability claims
2.  Signing in contractors and checking up on what they are doing so you can email updates to residents (as proactivity prevents work)
3.  Signing in gardeners and managing their programme so they are giving the right time and attention to each sector
3.  Monitoring equipment: looking for lights out, warning lights on pumps, fire equipment, and, for example cleaning gate sensors with your hankichief to keep things running well
4.  Progressing common parts insurance claims
5.  Policing nuisance parking and abuse of visitors parking bays, by photographing offenders and using an online app to ticket cars.
6.  Arranging quotations for repairs and renewals
7.  Authorising invoices for works done
8.  Actioning items from fire risk assessments 
9.  Attending Client and stakeholder meetings and preparing newsletters to update residents
10.  Checking people in and out of the community hub.

The best property people are good listeners, organised, practical, list makers and compulsive doers.   Day to day you'll be checking, supervising and organising things, looking our for nuisance always with an eye on keeping things looking nice so that Drayton Garden Village is a destination and place wherrle people are proud to live.

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