Director of Building Surveying/Fire Safety (equity stake)
At Ringley Survey

We are looking for a cnfident seasoned professional, someone with a Client following who inspires confidence and is solutions oriented when providing advice.  The Ringley Group is a multi-disciplinary practice and currently most of our work is internally generated from Ringley's large Block Management Department, but at equity evel we would be expecting the suitable applicant to have a Client following, a position in the marketplace and be growth minded.  That said, as well as Contract Admin, Insurance Valuations we have a range of buildings to regularly assess for fire safety and many for which we now have to implmeent fire safety improvements as well as building a team that can inspect fire doors and asset tag and help transform our Block Management team into an Asset Management Team.  You will work alongside other equity partners in Law, Valuations, Finance, Proptech and Management to furhter the Ringley brand.

So if you are a self-starter and hold all the right qualifications - we want to hear from you, 

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