How it works How it works

15 minute ‘Mini Reviews’ - how it works

Mini reviews are a tool to reduce man-management time and increase results through active job coaching the organisation grow up.

The clever stuff

  • reviews connect to job descriptions so things the organisation needs to do, get done
  • Managers set the tasks and give written instructions within the framework
  • you can include weblinks to live reports you want to discuss
  • tasks set are time bound, so audit trail is ticking
  • Employees can complete items before their next review, this and waits for the Manager to sign them off
  • completed items jump to the achievements section waiting to be accepted by the Manager
  • Managers can accept completed items, clear due to, via either the Manager’s “accept tasks” dashboard or during the next review with the employee
  • any open items copy to the next review created
  • completed and accepted items stay in the week they were completed
  • performance issues are included in a constructive way

Manager's tools include:

  • No. reviews per person and date of the last review
  • audit trail on aged items and performance issues to support managing under performers
  • average days to close items per person
  • ability to restrict access levels to achieve privacy
  • Dept Heads able to add to review agenda‎s


Give your team ownership - it is their session. Make it their responsibility to book their one-to-one time and frown upon it (you have the reports) if they don't. After the initial session, each session should be strictly 15 minutes, buy a timer, teach your people to cut the waffle, talk straight, prepare and prioritise.

‎1st time set up - ‎Simply:

Simply follow our 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Set up your departments,
  • Step 2: Create your job roles,
  • Step 3: Create your people & assign them to a dept,
  • Step 4: Create topics (families of activities from each role’s job description)

Optional : from topics you can set up sub-topics

  • Set up sub-topics (review prompts within the topic or theme)
  • Then, 1:2:1 mini-review templates will generate on demand for each job role (Property Manager, Administrator, Sales Assistant etc…..)
  • You can paste in web links to any web based reports you want to discuss during the review

Adding new people later - Simply:

  • Go to the ‘Admin_setup’ menu
  • Choose “add new person” and assign them to a dept and a role, the topics and sub-topics you want discussed will automatically be created for you

The employee view

  • If you log in as a team member, its simple, you get just one menu with:
  • ‘My reviews’ a link to your last and all previous full reviews
  • Your “Open/To do list”, a short cut for employees to close down items
  • A list of all “closed items”
  • A list of all items “pending for Manager sign off”

The Manager’s / System Administrator’s view

  • Users with Manager or Team Leader rights will get 3 menu options:
  • Reviews – departmentally sorted reviews link to all reviews
  • Dashboard - an overview showing for each person (a) the date of their last review (b) No. reviews targeted (c) No. reviews so far this year (Note: the Mini-Review year runs 1st April to 31st March)
  • Accept Tasks – this menu lists all tasks ‘completed’ by staff waiting to be ‘accepted’ by Managers. It’s a ‘time saver’ so Managers can sign off items in bulk ready for the next review.
  • Admin Setup - simply gives you 4 functions:
  • Add new person – a quick way to set up new people when the system is already configured,
  • And the 3 functions you need to prepare the system:
  • Set up department + Create job roles + Create topics see 1st time set up guide above.